Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, it may take a while for you to get over the initial shock of the diagnosis. However, once you have wrapped your mind around the reality of your new situation, the next step is to begin treatment and try to overcome your cancer. Before you head to the oncologist's office to get started, you should get to know some of your prostate cancer treatment options. Read More 

5 Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

When you suffer from diabetes, it is even more important to take extra good care of your feet. If you get a small cut or wound on your feet and do not treat it soon, you can develop an infection and other problems. Here are five good foot care tips for diabetics: Do not Go Barefoot While going barefoot inside the house is not a big deal for most people, it can pose dangers for diabetics. Read More 

How To Recover From A Dry Socket

Wisdom teeth are extracted from 5 million Americans a year. After your tooth has been removed, the next step is to begin your road to recovery. As with any surgery, there are some risks that you may face complications, such as a dry socket. Fortunately, you can work with your dentist to get the dry socket under control. The Symptoms of a Dry Socket When you have a dry socket, you will experience pain three to four days after you have had the tooth removed. Read More 

4 Things You Need To Know About Optic Neuritis

Optic neuritis is a serious eye disorder that is caused by the swelling of your optic nerve. The optic nerve is responsible for sending images from your retina to your brain, so if it is destroyed, you will not be able to see. This makes optic neuritis a very serious condition. Here are four things you need to know about it. What are the signs of optic neuritis? Most of the time, optic neuritis only affects one eye. Read More 

Treating The Impact Of Tinnitus On Your Life

Your hearing doctor has diagnosed that persistent ringing in your ears as tinnitus. If a physical cause is discovered, such as a tumor in your middle ear, then this condition may be curable. If no cause is determined, you'll be faced with it for the rest of your life. The treatment must then be focused on reducing the impact of tinnitus on your work, relationships and recreational interests. Here are a number of treatments that will help you cope with the ringing in your ears and minimize its impact on your life. Read More