What Are Some Not-So-Obvious Benefits Of Weight Loss?

Losing weight with a quality weight loss program is the best way to proceed. A good weight loss program helps to make sure you get enough calories and nourishing foods to fuel your body properly. There are plenty of good reasons to lose weight. You will be healthier, look better, and feel better. In addition to these are a number of benefits to losing weight that might surprise you. The following are some examples of lesser-known weight loss benefits: Read More 

3 Important Things to Consider When Using Medical Cannabis for the First Time

To get a medical cannabis card, a medical doctor must determine that medical cannabis would be an effective treatment option for a medical condition you have. To do this, the physician must decide that medical cannabis could make an improvement in your day-to-day life to control your medical condition. When it comes actually to purchasing medical cannabis, once you have your card, your doctor will give you a recommendation. As medical cannabis is still relatively new, there may be a bit of trial and error in finding the right product and dosage. Read More 

Frequent Headaches? Try IV Hydration Therapy

A headache can really put a damper on your day. It's not even that the pain is that severe — it's just persistent and annoying enough that you can't quite ignore it. Frequent headaches can be a sign of vision loss or a brain tumor, but once you've ruled out those and other serious causes, you still need to find a way to manage them. One option to look into is IV hydration therapy. Read More 

3 Facts About Orthopedic Rehab After Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are considering total knee replacement surgery to help eliminate severe knee pain, then you may wonder how orthopedic rehab will work after this surgery. Like most joint replacement procedures, a good rehabilitation program after a knee replacement can help prevent post-op complications and expedite the recovery process.  Read on to learn about three facts you should know about orthopedic rehab after knee replacement surgery to help you feel more prepared for your surgery and recovery process. Read More 

How A Locum Tenens Stroke Doctor Can Help Your Practice

Medical professionals often specialize in providing specific types of care, including those who work with stroke sufferers. If you are a professional who assists stroke patients, then it's imperative that you are able to provide these patients with care at all times. Of course, you can't be everywhere all the time, which is where locum tenens stroke doctors come into play. These are professionals who can perform your role when you can't be there. Read More