Top 3 Vacation Destinations When You Suffer From Allergies

The last thing you want is to spend your next vacation locked in your hotel room with a box of tissues and the remote control. Fortunately, there are plenty of vacation destinations where low levels of allergens increase your chances of enjoying a sneeze-free experience.

1. Beaches

It turns out that a breath of fresh ocean air isn't just good for the soul—it's also good for the nasal passages. Beach towns are an excellent destination for your next vacation because there is less pollen in the air and fewer opportunities for mold to flourish.

Beaches are also subject to fewer temperature shifts. The consistent weather means less frequent changes in the quantity of allergens in the air, so you won't have to suffer through a sudden allergy attack in the middle of your trip.

If you love sand, surf, and seashells, consider one of these beaches for your vacation:

  • Daytona Beach, Florida
  • South Padre Island, Texas
  • Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • Leo Carrillo Beach, California

San Francisco is also an excellent choice if you want to avoid allergy symptoms. The bays and mild temperatures conspire to reduce allergens in the air and prevent serious symptoms while you ride cable cars and shop in the downtown district.

2. Mountains

Fewer trees, plants, and flowers grow at high elevations than down at sea level, which makes a mountain vacation the perfect choice if you suffer from allergies. The absence of pollen in the air will allow you to breathe easier, even though you're climbing to higher altitudes.

If you suffer from allergies to dust mites, the mountains are the ideal spot for your vacation. Since mites can't survive at altitudes greater than 3,000 feet, you won't have to worry about waking up with blocked nasal passages.

As a bonus, mountain vacations mean beautiful views and plenty of exercise. Climb one of the highest summits in the U.S. or stick to easier trails, depending on your fitness level. Some of the best mountain vacation destinations include:

  • Maroon Bells in Colorado: Three separate peaks provide ample opportunities to hit the trails.
  • Mount Timpanogos in Utah: After you've climbed the mountain, explore some of the impressive limestone caves.
  • Wheeler Peak in Nevada: If you prefer to drive up a mountain than to climb it, this destination is perfect for you.

If you're traveling with small children, choose mountainous regions with plenty of kid-friendly activities. State and national parks, for example, often have Ranger programs for the little ones to enjoy.

3. Desert

As mentioned above, areas with small populations of greenery will benefit your allergies. Since most pollen-producing plants can't exist in the desert, you might want to head to the sand for your next vacation.

Some pollen-producing grasses are found in the desert, but they usually don't trigger allergies for several weeks. If you're visiting the desert (versus actually moving there), you can expect to remain symptom free.

If you love the heat and low humidity, consider these desert destinations for your upcoming vacation:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Play the slots, take in a show, and explore the surrounding terrain.
  • Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona: Take a back country hike or explore the Rainbow Forest Museum.
  • Joshua Tree National Park, California: Climb and photograph towering rock formations and interesting cacti.

Any of the above vacation destinations can decrease your chances of suffering an allergy attack while away, but don't limit yourself if you have a different place in mind. Instead, consult with your allergy doctor.

Your physician might be able to prescribe a preventative program of medication to help you stay allergy-free on vacation. He or she can also ensure all your prescriptions are filled before you leave so you don't find yourself stranded without relief.

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