3 Facts About Orthopedic Rehab After Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are considering total knee replacement surgery to help eliminate severe knee pain, then you may wonder how orthopedic rehab will work after this surgery. Like most joint replacement procedures, a good rehabilitation program after a knee replacement can help prevent post-op complications and expedite the recovery process.  Read on to learn about three facts you should know about orthopedic rehab after knee replacement surgery to help you feel more prepared for your surgery and recovery process. Read More 

How A Locum Tenens Stroke Doctor Can Help Your Practice

Medical professionals often specialize in providing specific types of care, including those who work with stroke sufferers. If you are a professional who assists stroke patients, then it's imperative that you are able to provide these patients with care at all times. Of course, you can't be everywhere all the time, which is where locum tenens stroke doctors come into play. These are professionals who can perform your role when you can't be there. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask When Starting A Weight Loss Program

If you're struggling to lose weight, a weight loss program can provide the guidance and supervision you need to achieve your weight loss goals. There are a variety of different programs that utilize various techniques for weight loss. Before beginning a weight loss program, here are a few questions you should ask to ensure the program is right for your lifestyle.  1. What are the nutritional guidelines? Many individuals struggle to lose weight because they're eating too much (either intentionally or inadvertently). Read More 

Why Children Make Up a Big Portion of a Sports Doctor’s Patients

Playing a sport is a national pastime, with tens of millions of Americans joining in at their local league each weekend, and even more watching from the sidelines. With so many people participating, it is no surprise that many of those people will end up going to see a sports medicine doctor before the end of the season. However, children actually make up a large part of many sports doctor's patients. Read More 

Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries not only affect your business's productivity but also affect your worker's compensation insurance. Prevention of workplace injuries benefits both you and your employees. Many workplace injuries are preventable with simple precautions. Knowing how workplace injuries happen goes a long way to preventing them. Here is a list of some of the more common causes of workplace injuries in no particular order. Your workplace may differ depending on the nature of your business. Read More