Three Undeniable Reasons Your Child Should Be Seeing A Pediatric Dentist

You've been seeing your dentist for years. It's now time for your own child to visit the dentist and you're having difficulty deciding between the dentist you know and love, or a pediatric dentist. Listed below are three reasons every child should see a pediatric dentist.

They Love Children

When your child has a dentist they are comfortable with, their appointments will go a lot smoother. Will your child enjoy their visit? Probably not. But having a dentist your child knows and loves can make their visit less stressful and more productive.

Who's going to have more success finding a cavity in the mouth of a squirming, nervous child? You'd probably place your bets on the dentist who works with squirming, nervous children all day long, and you'd be right!

They Speciailze in Children's Dental Health

Obvious, right? Well what might not be so obvious are the differences between a child's dental health and an adult's. Unless of course you specialize in pediatric dentistry, then you'll understand that children require different treatment than adults.

Preventative care is huge in pediatric patients. That's because bad dental health as a child usually leads to lifelong struggles with dental health. Your child's oral health requires a strong foundation. Pediatric dentists can offer the preventative education you and your child need.

They Understand the Psychological Needs of Their Patients

If a child is particularly nervous about a filling, a pediatric dentist can use their specialized training to decide whether a wait-and-see approach is sufficient, or if the child should be put through the stress of the procedure.

Many dentists take an aggressive approach which can be useful—if the situation actually warrants it. In many cases, small cavities will resolve on their own through proper care and close monitoring. Dentists specializing in the care of children understand that a traumatizing experience can turn them off of regular dental visits for life.

A great pediatric dentist will follow the lead of your child so they will feel comfortable and be more willing to participate in the care and keeping of their teeth.

You've never questioned the general consensus that a pediatrician is who is best for your child to see when they're sick, so why should dental health care be any different? When you use a pediatric dentist, you are setting your child up for a life of great dental health. Schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist, such as North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry, today!