When Kids Need Compounded Pharmaceuticals

Whether your child suffers from an acute form of illness, like the flu, or has chronic and debilitating ailments that require routine doses of medicine, the use of compounded pharmaceuticals can offer advantages over administering mass-produced drugs. Compounded pharmaceuticals are forms of medication that include an active compound for a specific ailment, but combine either non-traditional doses, delivery methods, or additional additives that can make dosing easier for kids to take.

So when faced with the option of using manufactured drugs over compounded pharmaceuticals, there are a few times when you should consider giving your child a compounded alternative.

Doses Matter

Compounded pharmaceuticals can either come in a traditional form that is entirely specific to the individual, or in a non-traditional one that's a mass-manufactured variant of a common drug. Compounded drugs differ from manufactured doses that you get from a regular pharmacy, because they can deliver a patient-specific dose that is more appropriate. When it comes to children, the compounded option can help alleviate symptoms or sensitivities that come with high doses of commercial products.

When Delivery is Difficult

Giving children medicine can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible if the medicine is unpalatable or difficult to take. Doses that taste bad pose a challenge to parents that absolutely need to give medicine to their child, and doses that require a specific delivery route that's painful can be a nightmare if routine administration is required. 

So if faced with difficulties in giving your child medicine, compounded drugs will give you an option that can make it significantly easier on everyone. Compounded drugs include the primary medicine, but can be made to include palatable flavors that kids will be willing to take. Compounded drugs can even be made into gummy bears, lollipops, or candied forms that disguise the dose completely.

In other instances, where drug delivery requires injection or pills that are too large to swallow, compounded pharmaceuticals can be made into a form that is easier to administer, like transdermal gels, liquids, or inhalants. Though not all forms are available for specific pharmaceuticals, many compounded drugs can be made into an alternative that's more appropriate for small children.

Because medication is sometimes necessary for your child, you should always be aware of the possibility for compounded pharmaceuticals as an alternative to manufactured medicine. Compounding is performed in lab or pharmacy conditions by trained pharmacists that are familiar with the process of manufacturing alternative compounds. So if you want a safe, easy, and effective way to treat your child's condition, compounded pharmaceuticals offer advantages over using manufactured prescriptions.

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