Aging And Technology: Useful Solutions To Advanced Age Problems

As one ages, less noticeable ailments can become bigger challenges over time. Subtle aches and pains can hinder movement, or slight hearing loss can become quite a nuisance. Luckily, many technological solutions have evolved to meet the needs of people in their advanced years. Here are some useful technologies that you may want to consider for yourself or your loved ones in advanced years.

Personal Care Technology for Senior Citizens

High-Tech Hearing Aids  

Previously simple devices used to amplify sound, hearing aids, like those at Pacific Hearing Care, have become "technology wearables." They can be synced to smartphones so that the user can adjust sound, stream music, or even have a phone conversation through their hearing aids. With certain types of hearing aids, one can even adjust acoustics, as well as maximize or minimize sounds coming from various directions.

Some hearing aids may have features to accommodate for soft speech or to create a more natural sound. Furthermore, hearing aids have evolved so that they can be programmed in advance through geo-targeting. This can adjust to shifts in sounds according to location—such as the library, the park, or gym class.

Electronic Toothbrushes 

Also a seemingly simple product, electronic toothbrushes have settings and features that can meet many needs of senior citizens. For example, some electronic toothbrushes have wide, easy-to-grip handles and soft bristles. In addition, electronic toothbrush settings may offer massage and brushing at various intensities. These features can be especially appealing to those suffering from arthritis or gum sensitivity.

At-Home Comfort: a Click or Command Away

As one gets older, it can be more difficult to get around or manage daily tasks. Now, people can benefit from remotes that are voice-activated to turn on or off features all around the house. Some remotes or switch pads also have large buttons, so that one can easily turn on or off the lights, the alarm system, or music. Other types of technology solutions include devices that enhance  voices over the phone. Also, senior citizens can enjoy listening to audio books through various devices, such as at their computers with tech savvy headphones.

Socializing, Learning, and Communicating Online

While computers and the Internet can sometimes be intimidating to older people, various software solutions and interfaces can help. For example, easy-to-use computer interfaces can allow senior citizens to click large, easy-to-find buttons on their desktop—such as e-mail, chat, video conferencing, and web browsing. These features on streamlined, simplified desktops can make using computers a lot less frustrating for older people. Once online, senior citizens may enjoy learning new topics, reading blogs, discovering new apps, and participate in social networking.

It's an exciting time to be a senior citizen, with so many technological developments. Seniors can enjoy wearable technologies that facilitate ease of hearing and communication. They can improve their personal are regimes and get tasks with the click of a button. In addition, people in their advanced years can enjoy learning and keeping in touch with others through many online tools.