Eyeglasses: 3 Face Shapes And The Frame Types That Fit Them Best

Selecting eyewear that is appropriate to the shape of your face is all about the correct balance of contrast and accentuating features. You want frames that will bring out your best features while also downplaying your less-than-ideal characteristics. The focus of this article is to help you better understand how the shape of your face dramatically impacts how well different frames contour to your face. 

Round And Ovular Shapes

A round face tends to look best when fitted with glasses that are more angular and narrow. Frames with clean, conservative bridges should be the focus of your search as a symmetrical, round face needs something that is 'off-balance', so to speak, to really show off the curvature of your cheeks and jawline. 

Oval shaped faces, on the other hand, should stick with frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of your face. This means glasses with extremely narrow lenses (width wise) are out of the question. In terms of height, going narrow isn't too out-of-convention, but a frame's outermost edge should equal or exceed the width of your face. 

Triangular Shapes

Triangular shaped faces basically come in two varieties, with the wide 'base' of the triangle at the top of the head, or inverted with the wide base towards the chin. Those whose faces are are wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom would do well to gravitate towards frames that are wider at the bottom than they are at the top. This effectively offsets the natural shape of your face for a more symmetrical appearance. 

For people whose faces are narrower towards the top and broader at the bottom, opting for frames that are heavily decorated or accented on top can help create a more balanced appearance. 

Oblong Shape

An oblong shaped face is longer from top to bottom than it is from side to side, and more rectangular than circular. With this type of face shape, you want to elect for frames that are slightly deeper than they are wide. This will add width to your face rather than accentuating your already long features, which shorter, wider frames would most certainly do. 

While things like your personal style as well as the color of the frames can also impact the overall fit, without a doubt it is the shape of your face that most determines whether or not a pair of frames really fits. Be sure to contact professionals, such as those from Buffalo Grove Eye Care Center, for further assistance.