Home Health Care Services Can Do A Lot Of Things For You

Home health care from a place like ComForcare - Mississippi, MS is a way to let you get the health care that you need without having to be hospitalized. Staying in a hospital or going into a residential setting can be very stressful and make it hard for you to heal. People tend to heal better and feel better when they are in their own homes. 

Home Health Care Duties

When a home health care worker comes into your house, there are a variety of things that they can do for you. Most home health care agencies offer services from basic homemaking services all the way to full nursing. 


Homemaking services includes coming into your house and helping with cooking and cleaning. These people will also come in and help with shopping, laundry, and other things that may be difficult for a person who is ill or injured to handle on their own. 

Daily Living

These things are different from homemaking skills. They include getting dressed and getting showered. The people who would come in and help you with these things are generally certified nursing assistants or nurses aides. They ca help get you ready for the day. That can include bathing and dressing you or just supervising your shower and dressing. People who have had issues with balance after a stroke are a fall risk, so having someone supervise their shower is a good idea. That will prevent further injuries. 


Nursing services cover all the medical services that you need. That can include something as simple as making sure that your medications are organized into a box so that they are easier for you to take. Since the nurses will generally be an RN, they will also be able to provide daily IV medications and wound care. Taking care of large ulcers or surgical incisions isn't something that just anyone can do. For example, pressure ulcers have to be kept open at the surface until the deeper tissues heal. A pressure sore is formed from the inside out. Because of those things, a pressure sore needs to have a specific kind dressing to make sure that they heal correctly. That needs to have a nurse to handle it and to make sure that the wound is healing correctly. 

Home health care gives you a way to get your medical needs met while still maintaining your independence and dignity. It also makes it easier for you to live in your home when you just need help with day-to-day life.