What To Expect Of Your Baby’s Visual Development

If you are expecting a baby, or you have a baby already, you want to learn about the visual development of infants. This way, you know just what to expect from your little one and you'll know if you should take them in to see the eye doctor. The information in this article will take you through the development of an infant's vision and help you recognize reasons for concern.

During Pregnancy – Your baby's vision starts developing while they are still in the womb. This is just one more reason why you want to make sure you take your prenatal vitamins and follow your doctor's advice on proper nutrition and lifestyle habits.

As a newborn – A newborn baby won't see things in color. Instead, they see the world around them in gray shading. They also aren't able to focus in on things that are very close to them. Therefore, you don't want to worry if your new baby appears to be staring far away and not paying attention to anything near their face.

As a three month old – By the third month, your baby's eyes should work well together and you should notice they look cross-eyed less and less. They should be getting good at following moving objects. You may notice they watch you as you walk around the room. They will begin to grab at items you put in front of them and they will look around the room without moving their head to focus.

As a six month old – By the time your baby is six months, they should have good control over their eyes. They should be able to look from object to object quickly and accurately. They should recognize people from across the room and have no problem following a quickly moving object. By this age, your baby should be able to pick up items with ease. They should also be able to see all of the colors at this point.

As a one-year old – At a year, your child should have good visual control and awareness. They will be getting good at coordinating their physical movements with their vision. You'll notice them paying close attention to things in motion. Watch them closely at this stage and you will see them staring at the world in amazement as they take in all the sights.

If you notice your child isn't progressing when it comes to their visual development, then you should take them in to see the eye clinic like Atlantic Ophthalmology to rule out vision problems.