Understanding Your Bulging Hand Veins

When you are going about your daily life, there may come a day when you glance down at your hands and do not recognize them because of the protruding and prominent veins on the tops of your hands. These hand veins can be unsightly and in some cases also quite uncomfortable. However, while they are very noticeable, you may have no idea what has caused them or what you can do about them. Get to know more about bulging hand veins so that you can better deal with the situation.

Common Causes Of Bulging Hand Veins

Under most circumstances, the bulging or protruding hand veins that people experience are nothing to be concerned about. Most often, they develop with age as the skin tissue thins and loses its elasticity and pliability. However, some people develop bulging hand veins long before age really plays a factor in the process. If you are not properly hydrated, your hand veins can appear to protrude from your hands, and excess sun exposure can also contribute to the phenomenon

Bulging hand veins can also occur as the result of high blood pressure or other unknown but benign causes. However, there are also vascular disease causes to this issue. Bulging hand veins can be a sign of blood clots, peripheral vascular disease, infections, or even cancer.  Because it can be so difficult to determine the cause of your hand vein issues, seeking the treatment of a physician is important if it does not clear up after you hydrate.

Treatment Options For Bulging Hand Veins

The treatment that you choose for your bulging hand veins is entirely dependent on the cause of the problem. If your doctor determines that there is no health problem or vascular condition causing your protruding hand veins, then you will only need to seek treatment for aesthetic reasons if you want to.

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that can help with your bulging hand veins for aesthetic purposes. This treatment involves having a special chemical solution injected directly into the protruding vein. The solution irritates the inner lining of the blood vessels which causes those vessels to contract. The blood in the vessels will clot, and the vein will shrink making it less visible on the surface of your hands.

If the cause of your bulging veins is more serious like a blood clot, you may need to have surgery to remove the clot or your doctor can try to treat it with blood thinners. Peripheral vascular disease can also be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners but may also require medications for cholesterol and blood pressure as well as surgical interventions.