About The Benefits Of Getting A Stair Glide

Are you moving into a room on the first level of your house because knee arthritis makes it difficult to walk up and down the stairs? Rather than moving out of the room upstairs, you can consider investing in a stair glide that will remove your need for walking up and down the stairs. Basically, the glide will allow you to sit in a chair and be moved up and down the stairs. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of a stair glide to decide if getting one will satisfy your needs.

1. Different Models Are Available

There are a variety of stair glides available that can accommodate your needs. For instance, you have the option of choosing a stair glide that only allows you to sit in a chair, or you can opt for a model that allows you to stand up. You can also choose a model based on your overall body size, such as your height and weight. Some models also have wider seats than others if you desire one.

2. Your Ride Will Be Smooth

One of the benefits of a glide is that your ride will be smooth up and down the stairs. For instance, the chair will glide along the stairs in a slow manner so you won't feel unsafe. You can also count on the chair stopping and starting in a smooth manner, such as there will be no sudden jerks to worry about.

3. Easy to Operate

Stair glides are usually equipped with a joystick that makes it easy for you to control the chair. The joystick will likely be on the armrest of the chair for your convenience. You can also get a stair glide that comes with a remote control that you can carry around with you. The remote control will allow you to move the chair between the levels of your house as needed. For instance, if you are downstairs but the chair is upstairs, you can press a button on the remote to send it down.

4. Comes with a Seat Belt

You won't have to worry about falling out of a stair glide chair because it will come equipped with a seat belt. The seat belt can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and comfort level. Get in touch with a stair glide dealer like All-Star Lifts so you can reserve a date for one to be installed in your house.