Natural Treatments For Outbreak Of Hives

Did you know that Urticaria, better known as hives, can be successfully treated with natural products found in your kitchen cupboards? There are quite a number of household products such as ginger, turmeric and Aloe vera that you can try using the next time you fall victim to the dreadful itching that you experience when your skin breaks out into hives. Hives materialize for different reasons..

Hot Temperature Causes Hives Breakout

If the temperature is particularly hot and you've sweated heavily on your back, a combination of the wet-with-sweat clothing you're still wearing and your continued exposure to hot temperatures will trigger an unbearable itching episode. The itching will continue for long periods even after your back is dry again.

You can use a towel or a clean old cotton T-Shirt to wrap ice cubes. Experts suggest that you place the wrapped ice cubes on the area where hives are located and let the application rest there for 10-minute intervals. The ice application will reportedly shrink inflamed blood vessels and block histamine, which powers your body's histamine release and associated inflammation.

Hives From Food Allergies

When there is an overall onslaught of hives all over your body brought about by an allergic reaction to certain foods, reach into your kitchen pantry or cabinets and choose a product that can bring you instant relief from itching and scratching. By applying the product, you can stave off your body's major inflammatory response in the form of increased swelling.

Oatmeal Applications

Talk about oatmeal, and people immediately think of a food item for breakfast or lunch that keeps them healthy. There is more to oatmeal though. It's also promoted as having a rich supply of anti-inflammatory and anti-itching qualities that help to soothe and heal your skin when it breaks out in hives. Experts say that you should grind the oatmeal and combine two cups of it with a cup of baking soda. Pour the mixture into your warm bathwater and mix it in. Soak yourself for approximately 15 minutes in the tub.

They also suggest that you later mix two cups of oatmeal with two tablespoons of cornstarch and create a paste. Apply the paste to areas with hives. Remember to allow the mixture to remain on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that time period, go ahead and wash the paste off, but you must only use this application once a day.

Vitamin D3 Lessens Hives Symptoms

There is a good reason why you should take your vitamins. Researchers urge that you consume your daily dose of vitamin D3. They advise that you take either 600 or 4000 IU of vitamin D3 along with your antihistamines and other medicines. Their research reveals that patients who use this high dosage vitamin for three months show significantly less symptoms of hives at the end of that period.

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