Going Barefoot: Advantages Of Going Without Shoes

For some people, the best part of the day is the moment they can kick off their shoes and walk around barefoot. Nothing feels better than digging your toes into some plushy carpet and feeling your feet relax. If you love that barefoot feeling, you may wonder if it is healthy for you when you are being active. If you are careful, you can go without shoes, even while exercising.

Natural Way

Some people claim that you are missing out on natural benefits by putting on shoes. Your feet are not as strong as your ancestors' were, as you will learn the first time you step on a rock while shoeless. According to some barefoot enthusiasts, you gather valuable ions from having your feet in contact with the earth. Whether you  believe that theory or not, you can benefit emotionally from connecting with the Mother Nature. Going barefoot makes you feel free and attuned to your surroundings, definitely a positive development. You do need to toughen up your feet before you take off for a long barefoot stroll, however. Start off slowly and add a few minutes to your walk daily.


If you enjoy going barefoot, you may want to work out without shoes. If you do not have any foot problems, your podiatrist or orthopedist might be on board with this method as long as you are careful and prepared to deal with a few cuts and abrasions. In fact, running without shoes has the potential to improve your stride. You may also improve the strength of your arches and actually avoid some foot issues that plague athletes, including shin splints.

You might also want to try cycling barefoot the way you did as a child to recapture summer memories, but you should probably throw a pair of shoes into your bag to put on once your feet begin to hurt. For some gym activities, you will have to put on a pair of shoes to protect everyone's foot health, but it's worth noting that yoga students never wear shoes. After all, yoga is all about being natural and connecting with the universe.

Going barefoot is more than a physical action: it's also an emotional one. A barefoot life may not be possible, but barefoot interludes certainly are. You will feel liberated but also may benefit. In some instances, you can strengthen your feet and prevent some problems. If you plan to exercise without shoes, check with a doctor like Family Medical Clinic to get their expert advice.