Myths About Treating Lower Back Pain At Home

Most individuals will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. While it may be tempting to treat the issue at home, a person may end up doing more harm than good. Seeking chiropractic care is always best. Below is a list of a few myths that exist about treating lower back pain without the supervision of a trained professional.

Massaging the Area Will Help

While a good massage will help lower back pain that is caused by stiff muscles, it can actually harm the back if there is another cause of the pain. For example, muscles spasms that occur near certain joints should not be treated with a massage, as they will make the condition worse. Your chiropractor can determine the root of the cause and then let you know whether it is safe to massage the area. 

Rest Will Give the Back Time to Heal

Your first instinct when suffering from lower back pain may be to head to bed and rest to give the back time to heal. This is actually counterproductive and may actually end up making your recovery time much longer. The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that patients should be advised to stay active. In addition to your normal everyday activities, your chiropractor can recommend exercises to incorporate that aid in the healing process. 

Applying Heat is Always Best

Heat works well to help increase blood flow throughout your body, but it also makes inflammation much worse. If your lower back pain is caused by inflammation, you'll need to use ice instead of heat. Patients who are unsure as to the cause of their back pain should contact their physician before opting for the nearest heating pad. 

Back Pain is a Normal Part of Getting Older

Back pain has nothing to do with age, even though age can play a part in certain conditions. Whether you suffer an injury, pull a muscle, or begin to feel pain in your lower back for any reason, the pain can be treated. You don't have to live with it. Your family physician can prescribe pain medication if you're having trouble dealing with the pain while your body heals. Then you can see your chiropractor, who can treat the cause of your pain, as well as give you a list of exercises and at home treatments that will get you back to the optimal health you desir.