3 Tips To Help Prevent Swelling & Bruising After Using Dermal Fillers

If you are going to have a cosmetic injectable treatment preformed on you soon, such as getting dermal fillers, you should be aware that one of the side effects of getting a cosmetic injectable treatment is swelling and bruising around the injection site. However, if you take the proper steps, you should be able to help mitigate these side effects.

#1 Ice The Inject Site

When you schedule your treatment, ask if they will provide a cold pack so that you can ice the area where the injection will take place directly before your treatment. If the office where you are getting your dermal filler cannot provide you with an ice pack, bring in your own instant ice pack and a towel. Wrap the ice pack in a towel and apply it directly to where you will get your injection. This will help make your blood vessels smaller and reduce the likelihood that your blood vessels will get in the path of the needle and lead to bruising. Icing before you get your injection will also reduce the pain that you will feel during the treatment.

Right after your treatment, you should put the ice pack back on over the injection site. This will once again help constrict your blood vessels and will help reduce the chance of swelling and bruising. Ice a couple of times in the hours following your treatment for ten to fifteen minutes. Remember to always wrap the ice pack in towel; for your own safety, don't apply the ice pack directly to your face.

#2 Ask About Numbing Cream

Before you agree to treatment, see if any numbing cream will be used. If numbing cream is optional, it is best to opt-in for its usage if you want to reduce swelling and bruising. When you go in for treatment, numbing cream will be applied before you get your injections. That means you will need to come in a little earlier for your treatment, but it is worth it if you want to accelerate the healing process.

Numbing cream works very similarly to icing the injection site; it generally helps reduce the size of your blood vessels, which reduces the chance that you'll bruise. Numbing cream can be used together with icing before your treatment.

#3 Take Some Anti-Bruising Supplements

There are a few natural supplements on the market that are designed to reduce and prevent bruising. The first, Arnica, is considered an herbal dietary supplement. It is often used to reduce inflammation and bleeding. This supplement should be taken in the days leading up to your injection and should be taken for a few days after you get your injection as well. Follow the directions on the supplement package for specific usage instructions.

The second natural supplement comes from pineapple enzymes. Bromelain is supposed to help reduce swelling and should be taken in the days leading up to and following your treatment.

Many clinics sell both of these natural anti-bruising supplements. Ask the clinic where you are getting your treatment if they sell these supplements and if they can provide you with details on how to properly use these supplements to reduce swelling and bruising.

If you are going to get a cosmetic injection, such as dermal fillers, talk to the clinic you are getting your treatment performed at about using anti-bruising supplements, numbing cream and icing to help reduce the chance of bruising and swelling. Contact a company like Stellis Health to learn more.