Four Things To Review With Your Doctor Before Your Breast Augmentation

Getting ready for breast augmentation surgery can be both an exciting and stressful time. While breast augmentation surgeries usually go well and are considered an outpatient procedure, having peace of mind on all aspects of your surgery and you knowing your surgeon a little better can help. Here are four details you might want to review with your doctor before surgery.

1. Reviewing Prior Client Feedback

While your doctor might come highly recommended, it is a good idea to get more detailed feedback if possible. Before and after photos of recent breast augmentations can help you decide if your surgeon will be right for what your needs are. Testimonials detailing aspects of recent surgeries, post-op recoveries, and overall satisfaction will tell more of a story than a vague rating system or recommendation.

2. Getting Details on the Surgery Location

Chances are the location where you meet with your physician for consultations will not be the same location where surgery will take place. If it is, you can ask to have a look around so you are familiar with your breast augmentation surgery location. If surgery will take place at a nearby hospital or surgery center, knowing a little bit more about this location can put your mind at ease and get you psychologically ready for your procedure.

3. Post-op Care Expectations

Breast augmentation surgeries are usually outpatient and can have quick recovery times for standard procedures done on healthy patients. It is still a good idea to understand pain levels, time needed to heal, and what to do if something doesn't seem right in post-op recovery. Review recovery times and what will happen if anything out the ordinary might come up after surgery so that aren't caught off-guard while healing.

4. Knowing Possible Risks and Complications

Long-term risks and complications should be discussed with your doctor before you sign on for surgery. If you have questions on possible breastfeeding complications down the line, loss of feeling, or other changes that can be common, finding out statistics and what your doctor realistically expects in your case can make a difference. Make sure you check with your physician about chances that a secondary surgery might be needed in years to come. This will give you a realistic picture of your current surgery and also long-term effects you should expect.

While you have most likely done your research to find a board-certified surgeon that can perform your breast augmentation, there are a few personalized questions that you can ask to make yourself feel more at ease with your doctor. The more information you have on your doctor, surgery, and post-op expectations, the more prepared you will be and won't have surprises associated with your surgery down the line. Contact a clinic, like Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting, for more help.