Three Parts of Your Annual Physical That You Might Not Like, But That You Should Appreciate

If you're a man who knows that he should book a physical examination with the doctor but is putting off doing so, the reason likely sits below the belt. While many men are fine with having their heart rate checked and their weight taken, they may feel anxious about the idea of their physician looking at their private parts. It can take some courage to pick up the phone and schedule a physical, especially if you have these concerns, but doing so is instrumental for your overall health. Here are three parts of the physical that might make you nervous, but that are vital to good health.

Looking At Your Penis

During your physical, you can usually expect that your doctor will take a look at your penis. This assessment might make you feel nervous, but the good news is that it's over almost as quickly as it begins — and you'll often feel that you got worked up in advance for nothing. This part of the physical is especially valuable if you've been sexually active with multiple partners. You might not always notice symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, but your doctor will. If he or she notices such signs, you'll get a prescription for antibiotics.

Feeling Your Testicles

Men don't typically like the idea of their doctor feeling their scrotum and testicles, but this is another part of a physical exam that is important. Testicular cancer can prove to be fatal, but early detection — as a result of your physical exam — can give you a very high probability of successful treatment and survival. Sometimes, your doctor will gently feel your testicles while looking at your penis, which gets both parts of the examination completed quickly and with minimal embarrassment.

Checking Your Prostate

If there's one part of a physical exam that men look forward to least, it might be when the doctor checks the prostate with a finger. For many men, this element is a punchline to doctor's appointment jokes, but failing to get your prostate checked is no laughing matter. The doctor will quickly check your prostate to look for any concerning signs. Prostate cancer affects many men, but like other forms of cancer, early detection gives you the best chance of beating the disease. Even if you don't exactly look forward to these three parts of your physical, you should appreciate their value for your overall health.

Make an appointment at a center like Rapid  Response Urgent Care sooner rather than later. Your health depends on it.