Tips To Get Through The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy

For some, the first trimester of their pregnancy is the worst, but for others, it may be the last trimester. During the first trimester, you may experience a lot of morning sickness, but you could also experience it during your last, as well as experience extreme tiredness or exhaustion, feel uncomfortable all the time, and feel pressure in your lower abdomen. To help get through your last trimester of pregnancy with ease, read on for tips.

Use A Body Pillow

A body pillow while sleeping can help add support to the entire body and prevent those sleepless and uncomfortable nights. A body pillow can support the belly and the back, and it can support the hips as well. If you don't have a body pillow, you can use several different pillows to support your body. You'll notice a difference in how you sleep and how you feel when you wake up. Take advantage of sleep while you still can; once the baby comes, you may not be getting quite as much for a while.

Keep Snacks On Hand

You may get nauseated still during your last trimester of pregnancy, or hunger may strike at any moment. Keep snacks on hand to keep yourself from getting nauseated and to prevent hunger pains or low blood sugar. Snacks such as granola bars or crackers can help prevent these things from occurring. Low blood sugar or nausea can affect your health and the health of your baby as well. Keep snacks on you at all times--in your purse, in your car or in your desk at your office.

Rest When Needed

You may feel overwhelmed during your last trimester trying to get everything done before the baby arrives. You may be running around or doing extra activities that could be causing you to over-exert yourself. Don't do this to yourself, as it can cause you extra stress on you and your baby. Rest as needed and whenever necessary. If you need a nap, take one. If you are too tired to attend a function or too tired to clean the house, skip it. Your baby is depending on you to take care of him or her as well as yourself. 

The last trimester of pregnancy can sometimes be a difficult one, but it's the last step to meeting your tiny bundle of joy. Take time to take care of yourself to ensure your baby is taken care of as well. Talk to your OB doctor about other tips to help get through your last trimester.