4 Effective Services You Can Receive As A Part Of A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

There are so many different dietary strategies and programs you can join for weight loss. You can count calories on your own, join a gym, or go to support group meetings. But if you have a large amount of weight to lose, your best option is often to enroll in a medically supervised weight loss program. These programs are designed and run by doctors and other real medical professionals. Here are some of the very helpful services you'll also receive as a part of such a program.

Hormone Testing

Many times, when people struggle with their weight, it is at least in part due to a hormone imbalance of some sort. Your thyroid hormone levels might be low, or you may not be producing enough testosterone. As a part of a medically supervised weight loss program, your doctor will typically order blood tests to analyze your various hormone levels. If there are problems, they can work with you to correct those problems, which will make it far easier to lose weight and then maintain a healthier weight.

Basal Metabolic Rate Analysis

In order to calculate how many calories you should be eating in a day to lose weight, you need to know what your basal metabolic rate is. This is the number of calories you burn just by sitting around and doing nothing. Most weight loss programs estimate your basal metabolic rate, but if you enroll in a medically supervised weight loss program, your doctor can run a number of tests to more accurately determine your actual BMR. This allows them to more accurately make calorie intake recommendations, which can lead to enhanced weight loss.

Safe Supplements

There are so many weight loss supplements out there. Some are ineffective, and others are even unsafe. When you enroll in a medical weight loss program, though, your doctor will prescribe supplements that are actually safe and effective. These supplements will help enhance your weight loss without leading to worrisome side effects.

Bariatric Surgery

Not every patient needs or should have bariatric surgery for weight loss. But if you do think you might be interested in one of these surgeries, enrolling in a medically supervised weight loss program is a good first step. Your doctor will observe how you lose weight in the program, and if your results are not as good as they'd like to see, they may recommend surgery.

Medically supervised weight loss programs are usually the best option for patients who need to lose more than a couple of pounds. Talk to your doctor to learn more about the various services above.