Keeping And Using DHEA Cream Safely When You Live With Others

DHEA cream can be really helpful for fighting the fatigue, muscle loss, and loss of libido that often come with aging. Your body will convert the DHEA to the necessary sex hormone, whether that's estrogen or testosterone. And applying DHEA in cream form is easier than injecting yourself or having an implant placed under your skin. However, if you live with other people — especially kids — there are some precautions you will need to take when storing and using DHEA cream.

Keep it in a specific, hard-to-reach place and away from all other creams and ointments.

If someone with normal hormone levels uses DHEA cream, they could deal with an array of unwanted side effects ranging from acne to mood swings. Your housemates may not use the DHEA cream intentionally or with an understanding of what it is. They might reach for it when they have a cut, figuring it's like an antibiotic ointment. Or they might accidentally reach for the tube and use it instead of the cream they intended to use. If you store the DHEA cream in its own drawer, away from other items, the chances of this happening are much lower. Some people keep it in their sock drawer or jewelry box.

Wash your hands after application.

This is always a smart thing to do, but it's absolutely essential when you live with other people. You do not want to have DHEA on your hands when you rub your loved one's back or help your child put on their socks. Apply the cream, and then wash your hands immediately, using plenty of soap to cut through the oils in the cream. This should be routine. Always applying your DHEA cream in the bathroom will help you remember to do this.

Don't let anyone touch the application site for at least 2 hours.

Whether you apply your DHEA cream to your thighs, abdomen, or buttocks, do not let anyone touch the application site for at least 2 hours. This means no wrestling with your kid if you think they might touch your back in the process. It means no letting your partner give you a leg massage right after application, too. You don't want the cream to be transferred to someone else before your skin has time to absorb it.

DHEA cream can be an incredible treatment, but you do have to use it carefully with other people in your home. Follow the guidelines above, and you should be in good shape.