Why Children Make Up a Big Portion of a Sports Doctor’s Patients

Playing a sport is a national pastime, with tens of millions of Americans joining in at their local league each weekend, and even more watching from the sidelines. With so many people participating, it is no surprise that many of those people will end up going to see a sports medicine doctor before the end of the season. However, children actually make up a large part of many sports doctor's patients. Here are a few reasons why that is and why you need to be careful with your kid when it comes to recovery from sports injuries.

Growing Bodies Get Different Types Of Injuries

While children can get almost all the same common injuries as adults, they can also get a whole range of other injuries related to their growing bodies. Certain muscles might not develop correctly, they can get unique bone problems, and even develop common conditions like Osgood-Schlatter. Sports medicine doctors can help relieve this pain just like they do for many other sporting and musculoskeletal conditions. Never underestimate your child when they say they are in pain just because you didn't go through it either, as everyone develops differently!

Active Age Group

In addition to their body changing quite quickly, children also are more active than most adults. Not only do they play a lot of recreational sports as they strive to emulate what they see on TV, but they are also active at lunch and before and after school. That does not even include the many chores children are kept busy with, from mowing the lawn to walking the dogs. When you total it all up, children are a very active age group who are often more at risk to have problems because of their growing body. While they may not make up the bulk of the population, they are overrepresented at most sports medicine doctors' offices. 

Protective Parents

You have every right to be as protective as you can of your children, and often parents will go looking for medical advice for even the smallest injuries. This is something that fades as you get older and deal with the many aches and pains you might get by yourself. In fact, more people should emulate the proactive approach parents take, as sports medicine can be great for reducing pain now and in the future. Whether you are five or fifty, sports medicine is designed to treat your body at the stage it is at so that you can maximize its potential and get back to doing what you love in no time. 

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