3 Questions To Ask When Starting A Weight Loss Program

If you're struggling to lose weight, a weight loss program can provide the guidance and supervision you need to achieve your weight loss goals. There are a variety of different programs that utilize various techniques for weight loss. Before beginning a weight loss program, here are a few questions you should ask to ensure the program is right for your lifestyle. 

1. What are the nutritional guidelines?

Many individuals struggle to lose weight because they're eating too much (either intentionally or inadvertently). When they do lower their food consumption, it's essential to make sure they're continuing to consume adequate nutrients and following a plan that's sustainable. 

Ask what nutritional guidelines the weight loss program has so that you can determine if it's suitable for your needs. For example, some weight loss programs encourage you to substitute a meal with a pre-made shake or bar.

This swap lowers your calories and results in one less meal that you have to plan. Individuals looking for time-efficient options may prefer to use a meal replacement shake, while others who enjoy meal planning and cooking may opt for a program that focuses on whole foods. 

Other programs require you to count calories, carbs, and protein; they may want you to limit how many carbs you can consume. Check that you understand how to count these items and that you're willing to do so to lose weight. 

2. Does the plan include any supplements?

Many weight loss programs incorporate supplements to encourage overall health and maintain optimal nutrition. You should understand what supplements the plan requires you to take and inquire as to the cost of these supplements. 

For you to stick with a plan, it needs to fit into your budget. If you're interested in a plan but worry about the cost of supplements, ask if there are any lower-cost alternatives that have the same effects. 

It's also important that you're comfortable consuming the supplements according to the program. Some plans utilize vitamin injections that require regular shots, while others may have you take supplements multiple times a day.

3. How often are in-person visits required?

It's typical for weight loss programs to require in-person visits so that you can officially weigh in and discuss any problems you're having with the program. Check that you can adhere to the schedule dictated by the program. If the appointment site is far away or if you struggle to procure time away from work or your responsibilities, see if virtual visits are an option.