Addressing These Issues May Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is incredibly common. For those who have this issue, sex can be unfulfilling or nonexistent. This can put a strain on a relationship or on one's emotional health. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to talk to your doctor.  

Getting to the root of the problem is the best way to treat ED. These are some of the issues your doctor may want to address with you if you are living with ED.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease has a lot to do with ED and its symptoms. If your heart disease comes with high blood pressure or obesity, the condition may be exacerbated.  Your doctor may recommend medication, losing weight, or changing your diet to see results in this area.

Keep in mind that the medications used to treat these issues can also be a cause of ED. Your doctor may suggest different medications that can help.

Hormonal Imbalance

An imbalance in your hormones, especially testosterone, is a common reason for ED. Addressing low testosterone with medications and hormones can be beneficial in helping you achieve a fulfilling sex life again.


With increased age can also come difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. If age is the main reason for your ED, you might want to consider taking medications that can help you maintain an erection. Your doctor may run other tests to make sure that age is the only issue.

Anxiety & Stress

It makes sense that stress would cause difficulty becoming erect. If the stress pertains to issues with your relationship, erectile dysfunction makes even more sense. Getting treatment for your anxiety, perhaps with therapy or medication, can help remedy this issue.


Depression can also cause issues with erections. Like anxiety, depression can be treated with medication and therapy. Your doctor may recommend that you see a therapist or counselor as part of your ED treatment plan.

Substance Use

Using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can all make maintaining an erection more difficult. Ceasing to use these substances can be helpful, though your doctor may offer guidance on cutting back slowly to ensure you can do so safely.

Your Doctor Can Help With ED Treatment

Are you ready to get some help with erectile dysfunction? There is no time like the present to talk to your doctor and regain a healthy and functional sex life that helps you feel fulfilled in your relationships. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to learn more.