Services You Can Get At A General Medical Clinic

Medical clinics mostly provide primary care health services. Some medical clinics specialize in specific health issues, such as mental health. Some clinics have affiliations with hospitals or educational institutions, while others are standalone. Below are some common services you can find at many general medical clinics.

Annual Physical Examination

Medical clinics offer annual physical examinations. The examination is a routine check to gauge your current medical health. You don't need to be sick to get the examination. The professional handling your examination may:

  • Check your medical history
  • Take your vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate
  • Give you a heart examination
  • Check your general physical appearance

The specifics of the examination depend on your medical history, age, gender, and family history. For example, the elderly may require more frequent examinations than the young. Similarly, men may get prostate exams while women get pelvic exams.

Screening for Specific Health Issues

The clinics can also screen for specific medical issues that you or your doctor suspect you might have. Say you have recently started showing signs of diabetes. You can check into a medical clinic to get a medical diagnosis. That way, you can start treatment and make relevant lifestyle changes to manage the condition before it worsens.

Laboratory Testing

Many medical clinics have laboratories that offer specific tests as needed. You may need a laboratory test to confirm a diagnosis, as a job requirement, or as a legal requirement by the court. Say you have applied for a sensitive job and require a drug test. A medical clinic can give you a urine or blood test to satisfy the requirements.

Treatment of Mild Issues

Medical clinics do not just offer tests; they also treat minor health issues. For example, many of these clinics treat:

  • Minor injuries, such as minor cuts and sprains
  • Mild symptoms, such as coughs and headaches
  • Minor infections, such as urinary tract infections

A medical clinic will refer you to the right facility if it cannot treat your medical condition.


Lastly, many medical clinics offer vaccinations against different ailments. Say you need a routine vaccination or plan to travel to a region common with a disease for which you have not developed immunity. You can set up a consultation or walk into a medical clinic for the vaccinations without a hassle.

As you can see, you can receive a wide range of services from medical clinics. Many medical clinics are relatively affordable and treat different age ranges. Contact your nearest medical clinic for any primary health service you need.