In-Home Massage Therapy Vs. In-Office Massages

There are many benefits to receiving a massage, regardless of location, and pain relief and relaxation are the primary reasons people treat themselves to this holistic therapy. However, some find that getting a massage in their home is an ideal choice. Before getting into the perks of getting a rub down at home, learn about what a mobile massage therapist is.

What Is a Mobile Massage Therapist?

Mobile massage therapists are licensed masseuses who can offer services in a clinic or at clients' homes. Home massage therapists can do the same things that they can do in an office setting. They will bring a massage table, oils, towels, hot stones, and all the necessities to carry out the massage. This is a benefit on its own, but here are a few more to consider.

More Privacy for the Same Cost

Mobile massage practitioners cost about the same as those at a clinic, but may sometimes be less. Regardless, being at home means increased comfort, more peace and quiet, and no need to worry about distractions. With little to no difference in cost, why not enjoy a salon-quality massage session at home?

Flexibility and Accessibility

Booking with a mobile massage therapist gives clients the option to have treatment anywhere they want! This could be at home, in the office, in a hotel, or at an outdoor location like a lake or beach. Essentially, times and settings are flexible! Having a massage pro come to specific locations is a great option for anyone with physical disabilities or limited mobility, as well as new or expectant moms.

Customization and Comfortability

Being in a private location makes many clients (especially new ones) feel more comfortable — especially for a full-body massage that may require clothes removal. Therapists can also customize sessions with aromatherapy oils, soothing music, and other additions that boost relaxation and the results of massages.

No Need to Fight Traffic

After a massage, clients are typically left feeling refreshed and renewed, but, this feeling might not last very long after leaving a spa setting. This could require getting into the car and dealing with traffic or taking public transportation which can be noisy and stressful. As a result, that relaxed post-massage mood can disappear rather quickly. This possibility is resolved with the services of a mobile massage therapist.

Sound good? Reach out to a mobile massage therapist to book a session wherever you want.