How EO Sterilization Services Can Help With COVID-19 Spread

Sterilization is a critical part of the medical profession, as it can help stop the spread of various diseases and ensure that health conditions like COVID-19 don't spread and become more of an issue. Unfortunately, some hospitals may find that their standard sterilization procedures don't handle the dangers of COVID-19 adequately. Read on to learn more about how EO sterilization services can help.  Medical Devices May Have Traces of COVID-19 The medical field is working as well as it can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the many treatment facilities that get exposed to this disease every day. Read More 

How Do Gastroenterologists Diagnose And Treat Hiatal Hernias?

Have you been dealing with frequent heartburn, trouble swallowing, chest pain, and vomiting? You may have a hiatal hernia, a condition that occurs when a part of your stomach protrudes through the diaphragm, which is the layer of muscle that separates your chest cavity from your abdominal cavity. Hiatal hernias are treatable, but in order to get diagnosed and begin treatment, you will need to see a gastroenterologist — a doctor who specializes in the digestive tract. Read More