How To Approach Your LASIK Surgery With Confidence

When LASIK surgery is over, most people react with surprise as to how easy and painless the procedure was. As such, there's really no reason to worry or feel anxious as your LASIK surgery approaches. But that's easier said than done. The prospect of having your eyes altered with a laser can be a little daunting, even if you do know it won't hurt. Here are some tips for approaching your LASIK surgery with confidence.

Watch some other procedures.

Many eye surgery centers will allow future patients to come in and watch a LASIK eye surgery procedure. You'll usually be placed outside the surgical room where you can see the surgery taking place through a window. Call the surgical center where you will be having your procedure, and ask if they offer these viewing options. Watching a procedure or two can make you feel more confident about your own procedure because you'll know exactly what's going to happen and what order it will all happen in. Seeing a patient sit through the surgery without pain will reassure you more effectively than simply hearing that LASIK is pain-free. 

Ask your surgeon plenty of questions.

The lack of confidence that most people feel before LASIK surgery is tied to uncertainty. You may be wondering how long the surgery will take, what can possibly go wrong, whether your results will last, and so on. Don't be afraid to ask your surgeon these questions. You can even call their office after your consultation if you come up with more questions you would like to ask. Getting your questions answered will help increase your confidence. Do not just Google your questions; make sure you get professional answers from your actual surgeon so you can be sure those answers are correct.

Request a sedative, if needed.

If you are still feeling a bit nervous about LASIK after watching a procedure and asking plenty of questions, then talk to your surgeon about using a sedative. Some surgeons recommend a sedative for all of their patients. Others only prescribe a sedative for patients who request it. Typically, you will be prescribed medication and be told to take it an hour before your appointment. By the time your surgery begins, you'll be feeling relaxed and at ease.

LASIK truly is pain-free and very effective. There's no reason not to approach it with confidence, and the tips above can help you do just that.