Exploring The Importance Of Kid's Eye Exams

2 Major Signs that Muscle Pain Should Be Assessed by a Physician

If you are middle-aged, then you may realize that aches and pains are a part of life. Most of this pain is the result of tendons and ligaments losing their elasticity and flexibility. While muscles and soft tissue pains are normal, muscle soreness also may be a sign of a much more serious issue. Keep reading to learn when muscle pain is a sign that you need to see your primary care physician.

Muscle Pain Is Widespread

Most people understand that muscle pain is typically localized. Pain may be the result of a poor sleep posture or a hard workout the day before. Muscle pain is rarely widespread unless you have a specific ailment. If this pain is felt in the muscles, joints, and bones and involves tenderness to touch, then you may have fibromyalgia. 

If you have fibromyalgia, then you are likely to have one or several seemingly unrelated symptoms. These include abdominal pain, a dry mouth, incontinence, diarrhea, and chronic headaches. Fatigue is also a common symptom, so consider whether or not you have been sleeping more than usual. Make sure to inform your doctor of any and all symptoms that accompany the pain and soreness. A physical examination is one of the most important tools your physician will use to figure out if you have fibromyalgia or not.

Pain Worsens Without Activity

If you have what seems like muscle pain in one region of your body, then it may be wise to rest so the tissues can heal. Muscle strains and sprains will commonly cause discomfort. However, if you notice tissue pain that seems to worsen, even after a period of rest, then this may be a sign that you have a cancerous tumor. This is something to be concerned about if you feel and aching and throbbing in one area of the body even if you are not moving. 

Pain is a sign of cancer, because tumors will press on tissues, organs, and nerves as they grow. As the tumor gets bigger, then pain will worsen. While pain is obviously not always a sign of cancer, it is sometimes one of the only signs that you are ill. For example, one of the only symptoms of pancreatic cancer is pain across the lower back or the abdomen. 

Since chronic pain without an immediate cause may be serious, it is always best to meet with a primary care physician for an assessment. Cancer, and other serious conditions, should always be treated early for the best chance of recovery. 

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3 Causes Of Hearing Loss In Kids

Preparing well-balanced meals, ensuring your child gets enough exercise, and scheduling routine medical exams are important steps for your child’s health and wellness. Unfortunately, certain conditions may arise that can affect their daily life. While shocking to learn, an estimated 15 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 19 have significant hearing loss. In most cases, preventing hearing loss is not possible, but proper understanding of the causes is beneficial. With this guide, you will understand a few common causes of hearing loss in kids.

Congenital Birth Defects

Babies born with congenital birth defects may also have a form of hearing loss. These birth defects may develop while you are pregnant, affecting your baby’s development. If you suffered with toxemia, certain infections, or diabetes, your baby is at risk of developing these birth defects.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs can also cause congenital birth defects that will lead to hearing impairment and other developmental issues.  

Chronic Ear Infections

Ear infections are common medical issues that affect your child at some point in time. Most parents are surprised to learn 5 out of 6 children will have one or more of these infections by the time they turn 3 years of age.

Ear infections cause inflammation in and around the ear canal. This inflammation is painful, but it also causes the tissues to swell and close up. Constant swelling due to chronic ear infections will prevent the ear canal from draining wax and other fluids properly. This buildup of fluid will reduce your child’s ability to hear.

Without treating the ear infection, your child may lose their hearing permanently. Be sure to consult your child’s doctor if they develop ear infections repeatedly. Surgically placing tubes may be necessary to improve the ear canal’s drainage.

Other Health Concerns

The flu, measles, chicken pox, the mumps, and meningitis are also medical conditions that can reduce your child’s ability to hear. These health concerns do not necessarily affect the ear, but they do affect the brain and its ability to communicate with the body’s sense systems.

Lastly, if your child has experienced trauma to the head, such as an accident or concussion, they may lose their hearing. Many children with concussions experience short bouts of hearing loss after their injury. However, testing by an audiologist is essential to determine if the hearing loss will be permanent.

With proper diagnosis and management, such as hearing aids, your child can live with hearing loss. This guide and the help of an audiologist will give you a better understanding of these different causes of hearing loss.

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How EMT Services Can Help A Child With Epilepsy

The challenges of parenting are heightened when your child has epilepsy. This condition causes people to have reoccurring and unprovoked seizures. Epilepsy can occur at any age, but 50 percent of cases start before the age of 10.

Many seizures happen without warning and are over very quickly. These episodes do not last very long and do not always require immediate medical attention. However, there are times when you need to call an ambulance. Read on to find out how EMT services can help a child with epilepsy.

Make Sure Airways Are Not Blocked

When the paramedics arrive, epilepsy patients are usually in the postictal phase. This phase is the recovery stage of a seizure. The patient might also be in an altered state of consciousness. The postictal stage usually lasts from five to 30 minutes, but it can last longer, depending of the severity of your child’s condition.

The paramedics must make sure your child’s airways are not being blocked. If needed, they will assist with ventilation and administer oxygen. The paramedic will also do a waveform capnography. This test measures how much carbon dioxide is exhaled after each breath. It also gives continuous feedback on the upper airway, which helps with determining what medicine to administer at the hospital.

Stop The Seizure

It is important for the paramedics to stop the seizure. If your child is seizing upon the arrival of the ambulance, then paramedics must assume that he or she is in status epilepticus. Status epilepticus is when a seizure lasts five minutes or more.

At this point, paramedics must forego administering ventilation and oxygen. If you allow the seizure to go on too long, then your child could suffer permanent brain damage. A seizure that lasts longer than five minutes is unlikely to stop without intervention. Your paramedic will administer benzodiazepine to stop the seizure.

Prevent Respiratory Compromise

If a seizure makes your child lose consciousness, then there is the possibility of compromising their respiratory system. Losing consciousness affects their respiratory system in a variety of ways, such as loss of upper airway reflexes, respiratory depression and respiratory arrest. The waveform capnography is a reliable tool for determining respiratory compromise. This information is necessary to make sure your child’s breathing is not impaired.

The job of an emergency medical technician is more complex than taking a patient to the hospital. It requires EMTs to be very knowledgeable about medical care. EMTs have saved many patients’ lives because of knowing how to treat their condition. For more information on the services that EMTs can provide, contact an EMT service like Global Medical & Safety.

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3 Ways Green Tea Can Improve Your Health

When it comes to healthy drinking options, water isn’t the only option you have. Green tea also offers a number of short and long-term health benefits. Between all the different nutrients and antioxidants found in green tea, you will be more on target with your health goals with this addition. If you aren’t drinking green tea as part of your regimen, you’re missing out on a number of different benefits.

Increased Blood Flow

Drinking green tea regularly may help improve your blood flow. Good blow flow, or circulation, is important for a number of different reasons. First, it ensures all the organs and systems of your body are receiving the necessary level of blood for proper function.

Second, it also helps ensure oxygen is transported to the cells and tissues within your body. If you have poor blood flow, you may not know right away. However, some people may experience numbness, tingling, and muscle cramps throughout your body.

Reduced Cholesterol

Cholesterol is naturally produced by the liver and transferred throughout the body to help with the production of certain hormones, vitamin D, and bile acids. The problem is that many foods also contain cholesterol, including animal fats.

For some people, the amount of cholesterol their body already produces combined with what they receive from their diet sends them over the limit. Having high cholesterol can increase your risk for a heart attack, so it should be avoided. Green tea can help, as it may lower your cholesterol level when paired with a healthy diet.

Better Fat Burning

If you’re like the average person, you’d probably like to lose a few pounds. Green tea can help you work towards this goal. Green tea is thought to contain nutrients that naturally increase your bodies metabolic rate and the amount of fat you can burn. For those with a slowed metabolism, these benefits are especially helpful.

While this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, drink green tea,and expect to meet your weight loss goals, if you include this drink within your regimen, you may be able to reach your goals faster.

Green tea offers a number of benefits into your life, allowing you to lead a healthier and happier life for you and your family. However, these benefits are exactly standard. To achieve the maximum benefit, you need to be consuming a quality tea so make sure you’re selecting your tea wisely. You can also try different varieties, such as match and uji green teas.

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Wheelchairs Can Benefit Small Businesses In Many Ways

Small businesses often feel like they can’t afford wheelchairs for their customers. That’s simply a mistake. Getting a wheelchair for customers is a major benefit that can provide small business owners with a new reputation for philanthropy.

How Wheelchairs Benefit A Business

While many small business owners may not feel they can afford wheelchairs, it is important to find a way to get a few. Wheelchairs offer small business owners a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Allowing handicapped customers access to their business
  • Potential right up in a newspaper
  • A reputation for serving the community
  • Happier and more satisfied customers

Businesses that go the extra yard to provide their employees with the benefit of wheelchairs often succeed more fully than those that do not. This is particularly true if they also install wheelchair ramps for increased accessibility.

Average Cost Of Wheelchairs

When small business owners are interested in purchasing wheelchairs, they need to know the cost of the chair. The costs of these chairs will vary wildly depending on the type of chair. Most expert estimates suggest that wheelchair costs include:

  • Standard manual wheel chair – An average of $500 and between $1,000 to $2,000 for a daily-use chair.
  • Power wheelchairs – $1,200-1,500 depending on the type of chair, its frame, and its seating needs.

One thing that is difficult about buying wheelchairs is that most insurance companies will cover, at most, 80 percent of the cost. This is typically more likely when purchasing a wheelchair for personal medical use, rather than as a way of improving your business.

Funding Wheelchair Purchases

Businesses that can’t quite afford to purchase wheelchairs for their customers to use often turn to various forms of funding. There are many grants available across the nation that can help businesses purchase wheelchairs. Many of these grants can be applied to and used to pay for funding the purchase of both mechanical wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs.

Most grants will require a business owner to justify the purchase of the wheelchairs. For example, a business owner who owns a flower business could try to justify wheelchairs by claiming clients need them for moving through their flower selection in the greenhouse. They can also uses grants to purchase wheelchair ramps and other handicap accessibility items.

By purchasing wheelchairs for their business, small business owners can help make them more accessible to a wider range of people. This is a useful way of expanding a business and investing back in the good of the community.

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Two Reasons Why You Should Make An Appointment With A Chiropractor

While you may make it a point to go to the family doctor on a regular basis, it might not have crossed your mind that you should also be seeing a chiropractor.  A chiropractor offers a wide range of services that you may not know about, and visiting with one of them could be an incredibly wise decision.  Use this information to learn more about why now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

Chiropractors Provide A Natural System Of Care

One of the main reasons why you should go to the chiropractor is because they provide a natural system of care.  This is important for several different reasons.

For example, if you’re dealing with back pain, your family doctor may have prescribed a medication for you to take on a regular basis.  However, while the prescription helps to numb the pain, there could be a host of unpleasant side effects that almost make the medication seem more like the problem.

When you go to a chiropractor and complain of back pain, they will take the natural route.  Instead of suggesting that you take a pill, they can administer a series of attunements that help to relieve the pain without the need for potions or surgery.  You may be surprised to find that you’re able to get the help you need in a non-invasive fashion.

Chiropractors Help To Relieve Stress

Another reason why you should go to the chiropractor is because it is a key way to relieve stress.  You may not realize just how much stress you’re under until you are given relief by a chiropractor.

If your spinal column is out of alignment, it throws off the proper physical structure of your entire body.  Because of this, your posture could be off or you may be holding onto a lot of stress in your neck, shoulders and back.  A chiropractic attunement could go a long way toward rectifying this issue.  The attunement will straighten up your spine so that you walk taller and with less effort. Your gait will simply flow.  The stress relief can feel incredible, and may even make you question why you didn’t go to the chiropractor much sooner.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive services from one of these amazing health care professionals.  Contact a local chiropractor right away, so you can enjoy these benefits and many more. Click here for more information.

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Myths About Treating Lower Back Pain At Home

Most individuals will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. While it may be tempting to treat the issue at home, a person may end up doing more harm than good. Seeking chiropractic care is always best. Below is a list of a few myths that exist about treating lower back pain without the supervision of a trained professional.

Massaging the Area Will Help

While a good massage will help lower back pain that is caused by stiff muscles, it can actually harm the back if there is another cause of the pain. For example, muscles spasms that occur near certain joints should not be treated with a massage, as they will make the condition worse. Your chiropractor can determine the root of the cause and then let you know whether it is safe to massage the area. 

Rest Will Give the Back Time to Heal

Your first instinct when suffering from lower back pain may be to head to bed and rest to give the back time to heal. This is actually counterproductive and may actually end up making your recovery time much longer. The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that patients should be advised to stay active. In addition to your normal everyday activities, your chiropractor can recommend exercises to incorporate that aid in the healing process. 

Applying Heat is Always Best

Heat works well to help increase blood flow throughout your body, but it also makes inflammation much worse. If your lower back pain is caused by inflammation, you’ll need to use ice instead of heat. Patients who are unsure as to the cause of their back pain should contact their physician before opting for the nearest heating pad. 

Back Pain is a Normal Part of Getting Older

Back pain has nothing to do with age, even though age can play a part in certain conditions. Whether you suffer an injury, pull a muscle, or begin to feel pain in your lower back for any reason, the pain can be treated. You don’t have to live with it. Your family physician can prescribe pain medication if you’re having trouble dealing with the pain while your body heals. Then you can see your chiropractor, who can treat the cause of your pain, as well as give you a list of exercises and at home treatments that will get you back to the optimal health you desir. 

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