How To Approach Your LASIK Surgery With Confidence

When LASIK surgery is over, most people react with surprise as to how easy and painless the procedure was. As such, there's really no reason to worry or feel anxious as your LASIK surgery approaches. But that's easier said than done. The prospect of having your eyes altered with a laser can be a little daunting, even if you do know it won't hurt. Here are some tips for approaching your LASIK surgery with confidence. Read More 

4 Effective Services You Can Receive As A Part Of A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

There are so many different dietary strategies and programs you can join for weight loss. You can count calories on your own, join a gym, or go to support group meetings. But if you have a large amount of weight to lose, your best option is often to enroll in a medically supervised weight loss program. These programs are designed and run by doctors and other real medical professionals. Here are some of the very helpful services you'll also receive as a part of such a program. Read More 

When To Turn To Urgent Care

Urgent care centers offer you a go-between that fits between your regular doctor's office and the emergency room. However, it may not always be so obvious whether you should go to urgent care or to the emergency room. To give you a better idea of times when you want to go to urgent care, read on. You are sick and the doctor can't fit you in In some cases, you may be sick and would normally go to your regular doctor for it. Read More 

3 Signs Your Common Cold Is Something More

Runny nose, cough, sore throat, and even some minor aches and fatigue are all symptoms of the common cold. In most cases, you can easily navigate your health and wellness through the cold, feeling better in a day or so. Unfortunately, there are times when you may think you have the cold, but in reality, have a more serious issue. With this guide, you will learn the signs that your common cold is something else. Read More 

The 5 Major Types Of Physical Therapy

Most folks have a general idea of what physical therapy treatment is. It's easy to understand that physical therapy is intended to help folks develop or re-develop motor control, range of motion and strength to deal with day-to-day tasks. Every issue is different, though, and that means there need to be therapies aimed at the unique needs of individuals. Let's take a look at 5 of the most common kinds of therapies that are used. Read More