When Kids Need Compounded Pharmaceuticals

Whether your child suffers from an acute form of illness, like the flu, or has chronic and debilitating ailments that require routine doses of medicine, the use of compounded pharmaceuticals can offer advantages over administering mass-produced drugs. Compounded pharmaceuticals are forms of medication that include an active compound for a specific ailment, but combine either non-traditional doses, delivery methods, or additional additives that can make dosing easier for kids to take. Read More 

LASIK: Risk Factors, And What To Ask When Looking For LASIK Surgeons

LASIK eye surgery is a revolutionary way to correct your vision using state-of-the-art laser technology to reshape your cornea. However, it isn't without its drawbacks. While there are many benefits to the procedure, it pays to know about what sort of negative effects you may experience if you undergo the treatment. Below are some of the common drawbacks to the procedure. Additionally, knowing what questions to ask when scouting out potential doctors can make a significant impact on the level of risk. Read More 

Three Undeniable Reasons Your Child Should Be Seeing A Pediatric Dentist

You've been seeing your dentist for years. It's now time for your own child to visit the dentist and you're having difficulty deciding between the dentist you know and love, or a pediatric dentist. Listed below are three reasons every child should see a pediatric dentist. They Love Children When your child has a dentist they are comfortable with, their appointments will go a lot smoother. Will your child enjoy their visit? Read More 

Top 3 Vacation Destinations When You Suffer From Allergies

The last thing you want is to spend your next vacation locked in your hotel room with a box of tissues and the remote control. Fortunately, there are plenty of vacation destinations where low levels of allergens increase your chances of enjoying a sneeze-free experience. 1. Beaches It turns out that a breath of fresh ocean air isn't just good for the soul—it's also good for the nasal passages. Beach towns are an excellent destination for your next vacation because there is less pollen in the air and fewer opportunities for mold to flourish. Read More 

How To Prove That Your Are The Best Candidate For A CNC Machine Operating Job

Getting through school is only the first step to becoming a CNC machine operator. Interviewing for the internship (or vocational training depending on your location) is the next step. While you run across similar questions in any interview – How well do you work with others? If you don't understand something, what do you do? What is your greatest strength or weakness in this field? etc. – there are some ways to make your resumé and your interview stand out from the rest. Read More