How Physical Therapy Is Influential in Mobilizing and Improving the Prognosis of Your Sports Injury

A sports injury can sometimes not only limit your ability to do the things you love but also interfere with your daily life as well. Surgery is sometimes the necessary remedy for restoring an orthopedic injury, but sometimes physical therapy can be the answer by itself. Regardless, if you've been advised by your physician to complete treatment in physical therapy, here's how doing so will help you gain mobility and improve the prognosis of your sports injury. Read More 

Going Barefoot: Advantages Of Going Without Shoes

For some people, the best part of the day is the moment they can kick off their shoes and walk around barefoot. Nothing feels better than digging your toes into some plushy carpet and feeling your feet relax. If you love that barefoot feeling, you may wonder if it is healthy for you when you are being active. If you are careful, you can go without shoes, even while exercising. Read More 

How To Overcome Anorexia With Outpatient Treatment

If you have anorexia nervosa, then you should be concerned. When you don't eat enough, they are starving their body of the nutrients that it needs. This can lead to health problems like low blood pressure, slow heart rate, weak muscles, fainting, and tiredness. It can ultimately put your life at risk. However, you should get medical attention before getting in a life threatening situation. What Type Of Treatment To Choose? Read More 

Ulnar Entrapment: Surgery Isn’t The Only Answer

Most people are familiar with the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is so common in grocery store clerks, mechanical assemblers and other workers who continually perform repetitive motions. Fewer are familiar with the less common but similar condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. However, instead of affecting the wrist, cubital tunnel syndrome affects the nerves associated with your funny bone in the elbow, but the condition is far from funny. Read More 

When Your Child Has Allergies: Understanding The Signs Of A Serious Reaction

If your child has been stung by a bee for the first time, this can be a scary experience. While there may be only a slight area of redness, children and adults who are allergic to bees can have a wide range of reactions. From mild hives to anaphylaxis, knowing the signs of an allergic reaction to bees can be lifesaving for the individual who is stung. If your child has been stung and is showing signs of distress, swelling, or difficulty breathing, it is critical to get medical help right away. Read More