How To Overcome Anorexia With Outpatient Treatment

If you have anorexia nervosa, then you should be concerned. When you don't eat enough, they are starving their body of the nutrients that it needs. This can lead to health problems like low blood pressure, slow heart rate, weak muscles, fainting, and tiredness. It can ultimately put your life at risk. However, you should get medical attention before getting in a life threatening situation. What Type Of Treatment To Choose? Read More 

Ulnar Entrapment: Surgery Isn’t The Only Answer

Most people are familiar with the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is so common in grocery store clerks, mechanical assemblers and other workers who continually perform repetitive motions. Fewer are familiar with the less common but similar condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. However, instead of affecting the wrist, cubital tunnel syndrome affects the nerves associated with your funny bone in the elbow, but the condition is far from funny. Read More 

When Your Child Has Allergies: Understanding The Signs Of A Serious Reaction

If your child has been stung by a bee for the first time, this can be a scary experience. While there may be only a slight area of redness, children and adults who are allergic to bees can have a wide range of reactions. From mild hives to anaphylaxis, knowing the signs of an allergic reaction to bees can be lifesaving for the individual who is stung. If your child has been stung and is showing signs of distress, swelling, or difficulty breathing, it is critical to get medical help right away. Read More 

Is Laser Cataract Surgery Worth The Cost?

At some point later in your life, you may be diagnosed with cataracts, a clouding of your eyes' natural lenses that can greatly impair your vision, or in the worst cases, make your go blind. Traditional cataract surgery does a fine job of correcting this issue, but an even better method has appeared in recent years, laser cataract surgery. If your ophthalmologist recommends cataract surgery, you need to decide if the laser method is the way for you to go. Read More 

Neurological Treatment And Stroke Recovery

Strokes are considered the leading cause of disability within this country. While the severity and impact of strokes vary greatly, one factor remains consistent – proper treatment is essential. In addition to prompt, emergency medical treatment, on-going rehabilitative treatment and therapy is key to recovery. Neurological services can help. Neurology And Strokes Neurological treatments and therapies fall under the realm of neurological medicine. Neurological medicine is an area of biology that involves the function and anatomy of the nerves and nervous system, as well as organic disorders that effect these areas, including strokes. Read More