Questions And Answers About Breast Reconstruction

If you have had a mastectomy, you may want to restore the look of your breasts. Mastectomies are often related to an episode of cancer or cancer prevention. However, just because a body-altering mode of treatment is selected, it does not mean the patient automatically prefers to keep her body in that altered state. There are reconstructive surgery options available to help you feel comfortable about the appearance of your body. Read More 

Starting Your Year Pain Free: Tips For Dealing With Your Chronic Back Pain

The New Year's Eve celebrations have come and gone, and you find yourself thinking about the things you would like to change in this new year you find yourself in. If you have been dealing with chronic back pain, one of your goals for the new year may be to reduce or be rid of your chronic pain once and for all. Get to know some of the ways that you can treat your chronic pain this year and get to feeling better as soon as you possibly can. Read More 

Preparing for a Pap Smear: Dos and Don’ts for Patients

Pap smears are an important screening for females to have done once they reach adulthood. Specifically, the results of a pap smear can be used to detect potentially abnormal cells that could be the sign of a cervical cancer or another medical problem. If you've never had a pap smear done before but will be having one done in the near future, you may understandably be feeling a little nervous. To help you relax, there are a few preparation tips worth keeping in mind. Read More 

Don’t Let A Myth Keep You From The Benefits Of Acupuncture

It's fair to say that the thought of someone placing small needles in your skin doesn't exactly sound like a good time. For this reason, a number of people miss out on the healing benefits acupuncture offers due to the thought of discomfort. The idea that this treatment method is painful is a widespread thought, but more importantly, it is a widespread myth. Myths like this, as well as others, prevent people from partaking in this treatment method. Read More 

Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, it may take a while for you to get over the initial shock of the diagnosis. However, once you have wrapped your mind around the reality of your new situation, the next step is to begin treatment and try to overcome your cancer. Before you head to the oncologist's office to get started, you should get to know some of your prostate cancer treatment options. Read More