How To Take Care Of A Family Member With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's is a serious and debilitating disease, one that is hard for both those afflicted and their loved ones. Because it is a psychological disease, it can be difficult to take care of someone who has it, and it can quickly become frustrating for everyone involved. Seeking professional care is a must, but you can make things a little easier by making changes to your daily routine and how you speak to your family member. Read More 

Eyeglasses: 3 Face Shapes And The Frame Types That Fit Them Best

Selecting eyewear that is appropriate to the shape of your face is all about the correct balance of contrast and accentuating features. You want frames that will bring out your best features while also downplaying your less-than-ideal characteristics. The focus of this article is to help you better understand how the shape of your face dramatically impacts how well different frames contour to your face.  Round And Ovular Shapes A round face tends to look best when fitted with glasses that are more angular and narrow. Read More 

How To Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular disease is not a common health concern among young children. However, it is one of the major causes of death for adults. Fortunately, there are ways you can start early at keeping your children on the path to good heart health that will continue throughout their adult years. As long as these good health practices begin early and remain in place during adulthood, the risks of cardiovascular disease can be greatly reduced. Read More 

Picking Out The Perfect Hearing Aids

If you feel you are having trouble hearing, you will want to go through the proper steps in getting the help you need. Hearing loss can sneak up on a person over the years, first displaying signs of muffled noises and further deteriorating until you do not hear sounds at all. To help hearing, hearing aids can be extremely beneficial. There are several different kinds to choose from, making it a little confusing for the average consumer. Read More 

Aging And Technology: Useful Solutions To Advanced Age Problems

As one ages, less noticeable ailments can become bigger challenges over time. Subtle aches and pains can hinder movement, or slight hearing loss can become quite a nuisance. Luckily, many technological solutions have evolved to meet the needs of people in their advanced years. Here are some useful technologies that you may want to consider for yourself or your loved ones in advanced years. Personal Care Technology for Senior Citizens Read More