Aging And Technology: Useful Solutions To Advanced Age Problems

As one ages, less noticeable ailments can become bigger challenges over time. Subtle aches and pains can hinder movement, or slight hearing loss can become quite a nuisance. Luckily, many technological solutions have evolved to meet the needs of people in their advanced years. Here are some useful technologies that you may want to consider for yourself or your loved ones in advanced years. Personal Care Technology for Senior Citizens Read More 

Neurotic Over Diabetic Neuropathy? Natural Skin Moisturizers You Can Make At Home

As a person with diabetes, you are most likely in the midst of many important lifestyle changes. From increased exercise and a healthier diet to the addition of insulin shots or other medications, living with diabetes is manageable, especially with professional diabetic foot care (from practitioners such as Michael Scanlon DPM). Unfortunately, diabetic neuropathy is the most common complication in diabetic patients. Due to the excessive blood sugar in the body, damage to the nerves in your limbs can occur. Read More 

Ask For A Referral To An Orthopedic Specialist: That Pain In Your Feet May Be Due To A Herniated Disc

If you are suffering with pain in your feet when you walk, the problem may not be an actual problem with your feet, but due to a herniated disc in your back. In order to see a specialist, most insurance companies require a referral from your primary care physician. To get to the bottom of your feet problem fastest, ask to see an orthopedic specialist. If the problem is a herniated disc, you will have a few options for treatments that will alleviate the pain. Read More 

Filling Your Free Time After Retirement

You've settled into a retirement center like Colonial Residence and find that many of the daily activities are done for you. Meal preparation and housecleaning are offered in many assisted living apartments leaving you with a lot of free time on your hands. Don't let yourself spiral into inactivity. Be creative with your time with some of these suggestions to keep you busy. Become a Community Leader Your retirement complex appreciates residents who become active in representing the interests of the community. Read More 

3 Unusual Signs You Have An Allergy

When you think about someone experiencing an allergic reaction, you might picture someone sneezing because of pollen or needing a hospital visit due to a swollen face from eating shellfish. But there are many subtler signs of allergic reactions that can result in misdiagnosis unless you press for a referral to an allergy specialist. Here are a few unusual signs that could indicate you're having an allergic reaction. Itching After Exercise Read More